Thursday, June 4, 2009


Awww man yesterday was such a beautiful day, perfect weather, good company and killer food. Headed out to Makaha and stopped at Tanioka's along the way to pick up some fried chicken,hash patties, banana lumpia and of course POKE!! I've been a fan of this place since the 80's and its still the place to get food when in Waipahu. Drove out to Makaha and the waves were a fun 2 ft with only a few kids out. After a day like that how do you top it? You go down to Gaku izakaya and meet up with Tyler and Dave and a few other people. Drink some Rochioli , Montrachet and some Charles Heidsieck to start. The food at Gaku is amazing, spicy tartar,tako basil,hirame special, ribeye, uni and the karage basically everything.

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