Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christian Fletcher

This is one of the sickest surfboard laminates. Christian Fletcher's boards with artwork by Gonzalez. 6'4" thruster still rippable today. NEON . I remember him busting airs all over the place, super aggressive super progressive surfer that surfed for T&C so you gottah love him!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

super score

so i was working all day and night out in Kailua and finally made it home and was planning on taking a shower and chillin. I turn on the computer and go straight to craigslist.. and BAMMM there it was a crappy cell phone photo of an old Shaun tomson surfboard, i call the # and tell i can meet him in 15 minutes. A quick drink of water and im out the door,pull up to the parking lot and this is what is for sale. HOLY SHIT havent seen many of these around a Bill Barnfield Shaun Tomson model shaped for Shaun Tomson surfboards, SO SICK alittle tattered on the bottom but still cherry to me..haha