Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guess what?...we are stuck in REVY!!

Woke up this morning to catch a flight and couldnt get five minutes out of town at 4:00am. A big rig was stuck in the snow right in an avalanche path. So we sat in the car for hours until being advised to turn around.The road crews still have to BOMB the roadside and then do a cleanup,so even more what do we do? its still puking on the hill, had to change our flight but get this cant get out till december 31 everything is sold out or cancelled,rebooked from the previous days of delays....who knows if i even have a job when i get back?...WEIRD AND HERE's A PHOTO OF THE STUFF THAT CAUSED ALL THIS  BUT ALSO WHY WE CAME UP HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!! so pretty yet so powerful

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